quote of however-long-I-feel-like:

Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up, all those things - trees and grass and sun and moon and stars.

Suppose we have.

Then all I can say is that, in any case, the made - up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones.

-Puddleglum, The Silver Chair

Thursday, March 11, 2010

march is going by so quickly!

 In twenty days, I will no longer be a teenager. Weird. How's that list coming? My twenty before twenty in twenty (cool!). Let's check!

Here's the original list. In bold is my progress.

1. keep up a 365 project. - this one's actually going strong. whoo!
2. run a 5k.  - eh... i can walk a 5k. but my lungs aren't letting my exercise regimin continue as planned. 
3. go to a concert. - if i were in texas, i would be able to be inducted to the concert world by the queen, zooey, herself. but i'm not. 
4. go raw for at least a month. - i think i'll be able to do it. i'm actually starting in april after my percy jackson blue food birthday. 
5. make a skirt. - i've got the fabric. be excited guys. 
6. create a painting/drawing that i'm proud enough of to frame. - not happening. 
7. become proficient enough in a language for natives to understand me. - spanish is progressing. so is arabic, but it's just so disheartening. 
8. get another stamp in my passport. - definitely not happening before i'm 20. 
9. go on a non-family road trip. - did my class trip to moab count? 
10. go without any make up for a week. - i actually did this last week. it was great. but i don't think # 12 will be successful if i keep it up. 
11. bake a loaf of bread from scratch. - reyna says she'll help me with this one. 
12. ask a boy out. - attractive, available, awesome boys, where are you? 
13. wear nothing but skirts and dresses for a month. - i'll probably do this one in florida. 
14. look good in a leotard again. - bahahahahaha! 
15. get paid for photography. - we'll see how this goes.
16. learn how to whistle. - i'm still challenged in this area. 
17. take an art class. - this is happening over the summer. 
18. finish memorizing the Living Christ. - i gotta go find my copy. 
19. stay up for 100 hours straight. - i don't dare try this till school is out. i don't do so well when i don't sleep. 
20. get married    a real goal... hm... let's see... own a pair of skinny jeans. 

There. Done. 

4 shout outs:

Reyna said...

I have a pair of skinny jeans here with your dress and eighties shorts. Just so you know. And we're making bread this weekend.

Lucy Paz said...

Ok, so is your birthday March 31? Because it is mine too and my countdown is twenty days today!

#6 paint, frame & give it to someone as a gift. you'd be more proud of yourself!
#11 easy baking! don't forget the yeast and choose your flour wisely, haha...
#12 aww, I'd have thought you had somebody
#15 put it on a website like raymondphotos.com

TexasRanger said...

Lucy, I do believe we are birthday buddies. This is amazing.

sadexcuse4amango said...

Skinny jeans are awesome. I love mine so hard core. They always make me want moar 8D I black pair would be epic. So would a grey one...

And there I go daydreaming again! d'oh!