quote of however-long-I-feel-like:

Suppose we have only dreamed, or made up, all those things - trees and grass and sun and moon and stars.

Suppose we have.

Then all I can say is that, in any case, the made - up things seem a good deal more important than the real ones.

-Puddleglum, The Silver Chair

Saturday, August 15, 2009


maybe i stole this from rockstar diaries. 

maybe i haven't done anything today but read. 

maybe i check blackboard everyday waiting for my classes to show up.

maybe i am a bit disappointed i won't have calvin with me in golf class.

maybe i took a nap at 2:30 yesterday, and didn't wake up till 11:30. 

maybe i was a little proud of my brother when he suggested that we watch x-files since i couldn't go back to sleep for the night. 

maybe i am reading forever amber. 

maybe i am loving how skanky it is. 

maybe i never wear matching socks. most of the time it just happens, but other times i do it on purpose. 

maybe i wish i were a ballerina instead of a gymnast. 

maybe one of my biggest regrets is not learning how to play an instrument growing up.

maybe i eat too much. when i'm bored, nervous, sad, and whenever i want to remember how good food tastes.

maybe i have another cavity, but am waiting till next year to get it fixed, so then it's covered by my insurance. 

maybe i hate my job. 

maybe i think some of my friends are being dumb and rushing into things. but hey, it's their life. right? 

maybe i love to eat raw potatoes.

maybe i prefer to sleep without a pillow. 

maybe i don't like my haircut right now. 

maybe i want my wardrobe to consist of overalls and dresses. that's it. no pants. 

maybe i'm going to miss reyna when she leaves. a lot. 

maybe i really wish i were going with her. if we're moving before next fall, when will i get another chance? 

maybe i wish i hadn't gotten back on facebook. 

maybe i'll cut it off again. 

maybe i should shower. 

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Reyna said...

Maybe I will miss you too. I wish wish wish you were coming. On the bright side, Dennis has more suitcases than expected...Ya know. But we will drive back. Even if you only stay for a week and then fly off to your family. Or whatever. We will have a fantastic road trip. You and me, seester. And possibly someone else to help protect us. That is all.